6 basic things What new runners must know

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6 basic things What new runners must know.

Running is another activity that is very popular today. Because it is an activity that is easy to start with. It’s a good weight-bearing option. And doesn’t require a lot of equipment. For anyone who is interested but doesn’t know how to start. Today, admin has 6 basic things that new runners need to know. And there are many benefits from running. Report from https://ufabet999.com

Basic matters What new runners must know

  1. You should evaluate yourself, your age, and your physical fitness. You should start by walking. Or alternate walking and running for about 30 minutes/time, 3-5 days a week. You should warm up your body before running and after running. You should relax your muscles to return the body to its normal state.
  2. Prepare equipment You should wear shoes specifically for running. Fashionable sneakers should not be worn. To reduce injuries and choose to wear clothing that ventilates well.
  3. Check the weather You should avoid running on hot, rainy days or when the dust level exceeds the standard.
  4. Get enough rest. You should rest for at least 7 hours or more. Because if you don’t get enough rest While running, you may become dizzy and faint. 
  5. Warm up before running Warm up & Cool down Preparing before every run, warming up is very important. to stretch create warmth Warming up before running is a signal to the body that it’s time to start running. Cooling down after running helps the body return to normal. It may start with slowing down as you approach the finish line. Then continue walking slowly for a while, swinging your arms and twisting your hips slightly. Until the sweat dries, then take a shower When running, don’t forget to warm up and cool down. To prevent injury to muscles in various parts of the body
  6. Preparing food and water You should choose a light meal, such as a banana, a piece of bread or crackers, about 1 hour before running. And don’t forget to drink 200 – 400 cc of water 30 minutes before running, and sip often, small amounts at a time, during your run to prevent dehydration.

Benefits from running

  1. Promote good health In addition to jogging, it will help you lose weight. Running also reduces the risk of various diseases. that may happen to our body as follows
  • Reduce fat blockage When we run regularly with the right Heart Rate Zone, it will help reduce cholesterol or fat levels in the arteries. This reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and the condition of fat that clogs the arteries. high blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Running stimulates the work of the heart. The higher the Heart Rate Zone, the faster the heart will beat. Makes oxygen flow to the brain well, especially the hippocampus. which is the brain that is responsible for learning and remembering
  • strengthen muscles Running stimulates muscle growth in the appropriate Heart Rate Zone. It also helps break down fat to convert it into muscle.
  1. Help with mental health If we run for just 30 minutes, it will help improve our mood. Can reduce symptoms of depression In addition, running for 30 minutes for 3 consecutive weeks will help increase the quality of sleep. Improves concentration and mood during the day
  2. Makes the skin look younger When we run regularly it helps our skin improve. This is because capillaries expand in size and increase in number. Resulting in the face looking younger.

Preparation before running

  1. Choose clothes that are the right size. It has a light weight. can cool Dries sweat well
  2. Women runners should choose a sports bar that fits snugly and snugly. and a bar designed to absorb impacts well
  3. Running pants can be chosen from shorts with light and comfortable fabrics. or tight-fitting long pants that are flexible and breathable.
  4. For women with long hair, hair should be neatly tied back. Or wear a hat to keep your hair down.

Choosing running shoes

  1. Choose the size that fits your feet. Suitable for each person’s foot shape. For new runners, you should choose cushioning to reduce injuries.