Sensitive and fragile body skin – causes, protection, and care for sensitive skin

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Sensitive and fragile body skin – causes, protection, and care for sensitive skin.

The body’s skin may become allergic and irritated for many reasons. From environmental factors such as frequently changing temperatures. to internal factors such as hormonal changes Allergic reactions and skin irritations can occur at any time of life. In any area of ​​the body Therefore, it is very important for us to understand first that “sensitive skin” is not an abnormality or a skin disease.

Although there is no way to cure or cure sensitive skin. But there are ways to control and manage symptoms if we understand the cause of the problem. Report from ufabet

Sensitive body skin How do you know?

The skin barrier maintains skin elasticity and protects it from external factors that can cause allergies and irritation. Having a balanced acid level in the skin is key to the skin’s barrier function. That will help with normal skin turnover and protect the skin from pollution, bacteria, and other irritants.

Symptoms that can observe with the naked eye that your skin may sensitive, such as

  • Crack skin
  • Red marks
  • Swelling
  • Rough skin

These symptoms may be accompanied by symptoms that are not visible to the naked eye, such as itching, burning, or tight skin.

Other types of skin problems The symptoms are similar, but the causes and solutions are different.

Sun allergies can cause the skin to be red and itchy. In some cases, blisters or a rash may also be present. Common areas to experience these symptoms include the tops of the arms, palms, and chest. Sun allergies, including sun rashes or polymorphic light eruption (PLE), are more common and are triggered by UV rays. In some cases, sunscreen can be the cause. Dehydrated skin is actually skin that is normally healthy but becomes dehydrated due to a lack of aquaporins. or water passageways in and between skin cells From experiments on artificial skin Glucoglycerol substance Helps stimulate the production of aquaporin in the skin.Dry skin may have many different symptoms. From rough, rough, cracked skin to reddish skin. Most often there are symptoms of itching. Dry skin can occur anywhere. But it is often found on the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. The cause of dry skin is a lack of natural moisturizing substances. such as ureaDehydrated and dry skin can become sensitive. The same applies to other skin conditions or diseases.

Not sure what your skin symptoms are? A skin test may help or you should consult a dermatologist or doctor for an accurate analysis.