5 techniques to stimulate the brain to be clear

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It is believed that many people who have to come up with ideas for work. May have often encountered the problem of not being able to think of work. I couldn’t continue my work, I couldn’t walk, and my body felt even more tired. I want to find a way to refresh myself. But don’t know what to do. Today, Goodlife picked up a technique to stimulate the brain to clear. So that everyone can continue to work What are some ways to go and see?

1. Practice meditation

Of course, many people may accidentally lose focus from the task they are currently working on. Causing the meditation to slip away If unable to meditate seriously We can meditate to relax the brain in a way that doesn’t have to last long. Start by sitting on the floor or a chair in a comfortable position, not straining your waist, with your eyes half closed. Try to breathe in and out slowly and deeply, sending it to your lower abdomen. open mouth slightly Start exhaling first, slowly release the air until your lower abdomen is flat. when the wind is exhausted inhale through the nose concentrate on the breath You will feel relaxed. In comparison, the inhalation is longer than the exhalation. But don’t go serious. Just take it easy on yourself. After that we will be able to bring our concentration back. It’s like taking a break to refresh your brain and get ready to continue thinking about work.

2. Play games or do brain teasing activities.

But it’s not a game that makes us press to play and get stuck for hours. Should choose to play games that help train the brain. Increase your memory, such as   Brain Dots, Train your Brain, Logic Like or Happify , etc., because these games require the brain to solve each level. Or choose to be a serious brain training game like a game that requires number skills like Suduku will help us stimulate the brain to think faster.

 3. Stay away from work for a while.

Sitting in front of a computer screen doesn’t make us think faster. Plus it makes us feel even more pressure on ourselves. We should use the way to get out of the computer screen and do something else instead. to allow myself to stop focusing on that for a moment Strolling around looking at the surroundings and people-watching. may cause us to think of something new until the brain may think of work more fluently

4. Stretch

Usually when sitting at work Our heads will lean forward. The more we lean forward Neck muscles must be strained to bear a lot of weight. especially the muscles at the occipital, nape, shoulders, upper back, physically If the weight of the head is large Greater pressure on the brain Causing us to twist, lazy or yawn out by ourselves, so we must relax the stiffness of this muscle first. To get rid of neck pain and the brain will be clearer Try to look up. Lean your head back and hold it for a while. will feel relieved Use your hands to massage the nape muscles. Or get up and twist to stretch the body to relax from sitting for a long time.

5. Sip lots of water and drink healthy water.

Since our brains are made up of 85% water , we need to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, but not necessarily glass. But change it to sip frequently instead. There is also a study that people who drink fresh juice regularly can reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer ‘s disease by up to 79% , so we should choose. drink healthy water