‘Chimigas’ reveals the origin of ‘Greek Scouser’

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Costas Chimigas, Liverpool’s back-to-back Revealed the origin of the nickname “Greek Scouser” who liked the fans at this time,

the Greek national team player. Moved from Olympiakos to the Reds in 2020 as Andrew Robertson’s back-up,

despite not making much appearances. But he became one of the fans’ favorite players. Including teammates until nicknamed “Greek Scouser”

Tsimikas seems to have a knack for taking good corners. While his much smaller sample size needs to be acknowledged, he has created one chance for every four corners he has taken in the Premier League, which puts him ahead of Alexander-Arnold (5.2) and Robertson (6.1). The former Olympiacos man used his ability to great effect against Ajax, and he was also Liverpool’s top player for advancing the ball up field on Tuesday night. The UFABET report

, the attacking left-back revealed, “I was with a friend who is a fitness coach in the gym at the training ground. He told me, “You’re the Greek Scouser! I really like it.”

“That’s why after that I posted it on Instagram. That’s my name automatically!

” I’m looking forward to hearing from the fans. It’s full of Anfield.

“I think Shimi Shimi Shimi looks better than the original song! I’m really happy with this song. It made my time with Liverpool even more special.

” But we know he’s a Scouser!” is an adaptation of ABBA’s song Gimme Gimme Gimme.