Come on! KFC sues MBappe for breach of contract

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Alain Berral, vice-president of KFC France, has announced that he is ready to sue striker Kylian Mbappe among the president of the France national team. If he refuses to cooperate with the national team’s sponsor,

MBappe refuses to take part in a photo with “Chicken Badge” due to his dissatisfaction with the image copyright agreement.

It was reported that The French national team Agreed to partner. With an online gambling company and fast food. Including unfair compensation It is the reason why Mbappe is dissatisfied

after the French Football Association. It took half an hour to discuss the matter. and then issued a statement that it would agree to draft a new agreement before the last The player has already taken pictures to market “Chicken Badge”

Alain Beral, vice president of KFC France, told the Sport Business Club website that they were considering legal action, though he did not specify whether this would be against the player or the French Football Federation. The UFABET report

, Berral said he is ready to defend the interests of the organization. If contracts are breached. But it did not say whether to sue the players or the French Football Federation.

“Obviously we pay for something, if it is necessary we will show our rights.”

France are set to play in the Nations League against Austria on Thursday, before playing Denmark on Sunday.