Ferguson confirms that even counted as a hat trick.

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Evan Ferguson, Brighton’s young striker, opened up after scoring a hat-trick to help his football team beat Newcastle 3-1.

“It’s a good day. The first goal is the striker. You have to prepare yourself. Luckily it fell on me. And I shot. The second goal we talked about I had a little more time than I thought in the first half. So in the second half. I think I’ll get it. and tried to run towards the defender and shoot at it. Which after that it was lucky. And everything went well. The third one was nice to change direction. People will say it was a ricochet ball. But we will count it.” UFABET.

“It was an unbelievable feeling. (Scored his first senior hat-trick for Brighton) and it was nice to come back after last week and get the three points.”

When asked about scoring a hat-trick on the same day alongside Son Heung-min and Erling Haaland, he replied: “Being with them is not a bad thing at all. It was clear from Haaland’s record last season, and Son has been doing it for many years. So it was great to be in there too.”

Ferguson also spoke about Ansu Fati, who moved on loan from Barcelona, ​​saying: “I think he will be great for the team. Especially in competition It’s very difficult in the last area. And he will be another person thrown there. And I think he will be very good. and good for us”