5 “saving techniques” for new salaryman

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When starting to earn money by yourself It is not strange that a new salaryman will take it out and use it without saving If anyone does not want to face this problem Let’s take a closer look at the money saving technique that is.

  1. Open a fixed deposit account
    Fixed deposit is by far the easiest way to collect money. Because a fixed deposit is a deposit of the same amount every month for a specified period. And this amount we will not be able to withdraw before the deadline. The problem of pressing out can be used well.
  2. Separate Accounts
    Separating accounts will help us become more disciplined financially. Because we can clearly see the numbers that we can spend more money. Starting from getting a salary to separate the savings account expense account (Telephone bills, water-electricity bills, travel expenses) and accounts for everyday use Do not use it for the wrong purpose!!
  3. Rule “Do not use coins”
    when buying things or do something and have to pay with cash We always get change in fractional coins. We took the scraps that we got and put them in the jar to keep. To be another easy option to save money (but don’t accidentally unpack it to use first)
  4. The “no 50 bucks” rule
    is similar to collecting scraps. But there is a chance that it’s a little more difficult. Because it’s not often that we get 50 bank notes as change, but remember and keep the rules well that When you get a 50 bank note, let’s put it in the jar.
  5. The rule “Remaining money = Savings”
    is difficult to do because no matter how much you spend, there is nothing left. But if it really happens to be left, take that money and save it. not applied to the next month This will force yourself to use the same spending limit each month. and reduce overspending