Choose unprocessed breakfasts.

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If you are hungry in the morning, you should eat breakfasts. However, it’s best to choose whole, single-ingredient foods.

Here are a few great choices:

  • plain oatmeal with raisins and nuts
  • Greek yogurt with nuts and sliced fruit
  • scrambled eggs with vegetables UFABET

Whole eggs are an excellent breakfast choice because they’re high in protein, healthy fats, and nutrients. What’s more, they keep you full for a long time and may even boost weight loss.

One study in overweight and obese adults found that those who ate a breakfast of eggs and toast had increased fullness and were less hungry for up to 4 hours later, compared to those who ate cereal with milk and orange juice.

Other studies note that incorporating eggs into your regular breakfast routine can increase the overall nutrient density of your diet, meaning your diet is more nutritious.

However, a study from 2022 found no differences in fullness levels after breakfast between those who ate an egg breakfast or a cereal breakfast with the same amount of protein.

This suggests that breakfasts cereals can have the same satiety-promoting (and in-turn weight loss) benefits of eggs. If it contains as much protein as the egg breakfast does.