Singh fired ‘Damian’ sent a thrilling message to a girl

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Chelsea sack Damian Willoughby, commercial director retire After sending a chilling message to a young financial broker before taking over.

The Stamford Bridge club have announced their departure from the celebrity director, who previously worked with Manchester City and EA Sports before returning to Chelsea for a second time. last month

A statement read: “Chelsea Football Club confirms. That the contract with Sporting Director Damian Lewlohby has been terminated with immediate effect.

” that happened before being appointed to work with Chelsea early last month. Have been sent in and have been investigated by the

club But these behaviors are against the work environment and against the shared culture laid down by the new team owners.” The UFABET report

“The club owners have worked tirelessly to build and achieve the highest standards on and off the pitch. and is committed to establishing and maintaining a culture of transparency, accountability, participation “

The club is committed to creating an environment in which these values ​​are based.”

The victim was Catalina Kim, football agent. She sent a complaint to the club’s business president, Tom Glick. Which is the person who hired Willoughby to work

. It was sent last year. with messages such as Asking for nudity, submitting pornographic images and claiming to program Kim to meet with Ferran Soriano, chief executive of the company. “Blue Sailing” if you want to play “Naughty” in London

In one passage, Damien said, “I’m so lazy. Still on the bed.” “Absolutely nude” “Haha, sent the photo and said, “I’m naked.” Then he asked if Kim would like to see the picture. which the woman said, “No, please”

. “Will you be naughty when I come to London?” The woman replied, “No.” “So happy to have a relationship with you.”