Rafa warns that “Potter” stays at Singha and cannot play beautiful football every day

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Rafa Benitez has warned new Chelsea manager Graeme Potter there will be intense pressure at Stamford Bridge

. The “Sing the Blues” replaced Thomas Tuchel, who was bounced off. His debut performance was in a 1-1 draw at home to Salzburg in the Champions League

, with owner Todd Bohly reportedly having no plans to sack Potter. retiring soon If the team follows the expected approach Although it may not be successful in the first season,

however, Benitez, who had been in charge of Chelsea. say about this “He’s doing great (Potter’s work at Brighton)”

“When you have a good idea and they give you time. You can develop anything. So he used to have a good environment.”

“But I like to take the example of a team like Getafe. There are many teams that are like Getafe. It’s a team in the comfort zone.”

“What’s the difference if you finish 10th or 11th? It’s no different, if you finish between 8th and 15th you probably won’t have any trouble.” The UFABET report

“You can control your own style. If you lose, it’s no problem because you still have the next game to play. But now he will feel the pressure [at Chelsea], hopefully he can do well. because I like him.”

“But he has to win. Now you can’t play football in good style for six months without getting anything out of it.”

“He had to finish in the top four. He must win the championship. It’s another kind of pressure. “

You have to win, you have to fight with Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham,

” he said. he has knowledge We have to see what the future holds,” he said.