Williams says Maguire is always full – don’t bother tweeting.

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Manchester United full-back Brandon Williams has defended Harry Maguire, revealing the captain is always giving his best. And without the need for criticism on social media

, Maguire has been demoted in the “Red Devils” squad under Erik ten Hag this season after a disappointing performance. In the first 2 games of the season

The good-blooded defender has been in the line 3 times on every show this season. These were all games in which United faced a defeat and cost Maguire to Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane, who had a strong pairing.

Williams though says that despite the noise surrounding Maguire on social media, the centre-back still gives his all and shouldn’t listen to the negative attention that surrounds him.

. Guire always puts his best. And there’s no need to pay attention to criticism on social media.

“Harry trains 100 per day every day, Harry gives 100 per cent whether he starts or not,” he told The UFABET 

“We don’t care about the outside world. Because the only thing that matters is the opinions of insiders. The opinions of the insiders are the most important.”

“If you train well, How important is that idiot on Twitter who says you shouldn’t be real? Who are they? I don’t understand.”

“Harry is a great guy, top captain. and top players.”