Check for hidden diseases from feeling cold

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Check for hidden diseases from feeling cold.

During cold weather Many people may have an idea about why they feel cold. But people around me say it’s not cold. Therefore being called a cold person This symptom is not only caused by the temperature in the colder condition. But it can also be caused by other diseases or abnormalities. You can as well. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Feeling colder than usual or feeling cold

It may be caused by the body’s temperature regulating center located in the hypothalamus in the brain being impaired by increasing age. or nutritional problems that make the body unhealthy This causes the level of muscle or fat to be less than it should normally be. Or it may be caused by poor health conditions. 

Symptoms of cold easily may have the following causes:

  1. Anemia, also known as Anemia, is a condition in which the body is unable to produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissues in the body.
  2. hypothyroidism Thyroid hormone is an important hormone in the body. To control the metabolic system or control the metabolism of various nutrients. to provide energy in the body In people with insufficient thyroid hormone or low thyroid Medically it is called Hypothyroi. 
  3. blood vessel abnormalities It is a condition in which blood vessels contract abnormally easily. This condition is called Renal Disease. Symptoms found are: The tips of the hands and feet get cold easily. Especially when in cold weather or exposed to cold. And there may be pain at the tips of the toes and a pale purple color.
  4. Diabetes, peripheral neuropathy This will result in the hands and feet of people with diabetes being colder than normal.
  5. The body is too thin. make less fat The metabolic system works less.