What makes the body’s skin sensitive?

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What makes the body’s skin sensitive?

natural skin protection systemnatural skin barrierOur skin is an amazing organ. Healthy skin has a process of working on various parts. Complex in creating balance in the skin and protecting the skin from external factors. The upper layer of the skin has a thin film. Consisting of water, fatty acids and lipids, the pH balance is approximately 5, which is slightly acidic. It can protect the skin from the invasion of bacteria and alkaline. The function of these systems depends on enzymes. In that sensitive skin Abnormal enzyme activity makes the skin fragile, weak, and the skin barrier unable to function fully. This causes water loss and allows external factors to harm the skin.

Internal factors that make the body’s skin sensitive

Sensitive skin can occur at any age. But it is more common in infants and when they begin to age. Infant skin is about one-fifth the thickness of adult skin and the skin barrier is not yet fully functional. This makes it more sensitive to chemicals and UV rays. As for adult skin, as it ages, The function of the skin barrier begins to deteriorate. Fat in the skin begins to decrease. Hormonal changes, whether from pregnancy or menopause, affect the skin’s ability to fend off irritants. For some people who suffer from allergies, they may also have more sensitive skin than normal.

External factors that make the body’s skin sensitive

  • The air is very cold and humidity is low. This causes the body to attempt to maintain heat by constricting the blood vessels in the skin. Therefore, moisture cannot nourish the skin. As a result, it causes dry or dehydrated skin and may crack.
  • The weather is too hot and the humidity is too high. cause sweating and evaporation Therefore makes the skin dry.
  • Free radicals caused by UV rays and various pollutants Makes the skin’s protective barrier weak. Makes the skin dry and irritated. 
  • Some medical treatments, such as radiotherapy and antibiotics, can make the skin more sensitive and attack important bacteria.
  • General soap, in addition to removing dirt, also removes fats that are important for protecting the skin. Leads to disruption of pH balance and irritated skin.